498A Law


The Indian Constitution is using section 498A of IPC to protect married women from cruelty. Our best divorce lawyer uses section 498A of IPC to be a weapon as well as shield to every woman.

Women’s emancipation is the need of the hour and our best divorce lawyer takes every measure to stop harassment and dowry deaths. Our top divorce lawyers make you aware about section 498A of IPC. By virtue of this our law firm tries to provide protection to women from dowry related harassment.


Our Law Firm provides legal support to those clients who are the victims of this law. Whenever we come across to misuse of section 498A of IPC, we try to provide the legal helps to husband or their relatives.

Our team of dedicated and professional lawyers expedites the trial procedure and also helps our clients to quash FIR under section 498A of IPC which falsely implicated on our clients. Our Law Firm provides services related to criminal trial of IPC 498A.