What is Anticipatory Bail?

Bail is of two types. First is the regular bail while other is the anticipatory bail. Anticipatory bail provides that a person who believes that he may get arrested for a non-bailable offence then that person may apply to the either High court or the session’s court in order to get a direction for grant of anticipatory bail under section 438 of Code of Criminal Procedure.

It should also be understood by the person applying for anticipatory bail that there are two situations that may prevail for anticipatory bail:-

  1. When no FIR has been filed against him

In such a situation there are no grounds for granting a bail. In these types of cases our best anticipatory lawyers request the court for a pre-notice arrest period. After getting the pre-notice period our anticipatory bail lawyers draft an application for anticipatory bail and apply for bail in Sessions Court.

  1. When FIR has been

In such situation the investigating officer will send a notice of arrest 7 days before arresting the accused person. During this time period it is necessary to apply for the anticipatory bail. In these type of situation our best anticipatory bail lawyers files an anticipatory bail application on behalf of the accused person.

How Legalmax Law Firm work for Anticipatory Bail?

Our law firm has a team of best criminal lawyers who are experts in protecting the accused person. They have the skills and knowledge to deal with any kind of situation for getting bail. Our best anticipatory bail lawyers are famous for their work across Delhi & NCR. Our top anticipatory bail lawyers guard the accused as shield and thereby protect the accused person from any criminal matter. Our law firm’s motive is “No person can be deprived of his personal liberty and can be detained unnecessarily.”  Thus we at Legalmax ensure to provide the best legal solutions to our clients who are searching for the best anticipatory lawyers.

Our best anticipatory bail lawyers are experts in drafting the bail applications and thereafter representing it before the Sessions Court. With their distinguished skill in anticipatory bail, our anticipatory bail lawyers makes the oral prayer before the Sessions Courts after going through a lot of research work. Our experienced anticipatory bail lawyer uniquely apply their comprehensive knowledge and skills and are present our client in the best way so that he can easily get the anticipatory bail from the Sessions Courts.

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