CBI Matters Law

Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI) Matter Lawyer

A term, known as High-Profile case, is something that attracts superior investigation agencies like CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation), special investigation team CBI is a specialized agency meant for investigation of crime relating to Corruption by Public Servants under the control of the Central Government, serious economic offences and frauds and sensational crime having inter-state/all-India ramifications. In 1963, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) was established by the Government of India with a view to investigate serious crimes related to Defence of India, corruption in high places, serious fraud, cheating and embezzlement and social crime, particularly of hoarding, black-marketing and profiteering in essential commodities. The CBI derives their legal power from Delhi Special Police Establishment Act (DSPE), 1946

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The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) operates under the Ministry Of Personnel. It is investigating agency mainly deals in criminal corruption investigation cases. The CBI derives their legal power from Delhi Special Police Establishment Act (DSPE), 1946. Following are the important cases which CBI Deals:

• High profile criminal cases
• High profile scams
• Big case of fraud, cheating embezzlement and similar types of other case when committed by organized gangs and professional criminals.
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