A. What is court marriage?

Court marriages are different from ordinary Indian Wedding because marriages solemnized as per Special Marriages Act.

B. What are provisions relating to Court Marriage?

Chapter-II, sect-4 deals with the conditions as follow:-

i. No pre-existing marriage
ii. Valid consent
iii. Age-Male must completed 21 years of age and female must be age of 18 years or above.
iv. Prohibited degree of relationship- Parties are not within the degree of Prohibited relationship. But there is exception if custom allows, in that scenario parties can be permitted for such marriages.

C. Procedure for court marriage

i. Step I – Notice of the intendant marriage.
ii. Step II-Publication.
iii. Step III-Objection to the marriage.
iv. Step IV-Declaration by parties and witnesses.
v. Step V-Place and form of solemnization.
vi. Step VI-Certificate

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