Our Law Firm Legalmax understands what is like to be facing a charge or an allegation. If you are in this condition, you require the best criminal defense lawyer to protect your reputation, your status and even your liberty as well.
Whether you are booked under FIR, having charge-sheeted by the police or are facing a criminal prosecution,our Top criminal lawyers can help you in providing the top quality legal services that you expect.We represent our clients all over India in general and Delhi-NCR in particular.


We have top-ranking among India’s top criminal Legal Firms and are accredited as an upcoming and top-tier law firm by the agencies. Our team of best criminal lawyers includes leading solicitors and advocates who can represent you in the various Courts and Tribunals in India.

Whatever you are charged with, at Legalmax we deal with all the statutory and criminal law offences from breach of the peace and the tranquility to assault and from drug offences to theft.

Legalmax has particular competency in defending accused in criminal cases. We also defend accused at Hon’ble High Court and Hon’ble Supreme Court.Taking early initiatives is the best way to approach a court case and get best possible results.


i. FIR Quashing
ii. Bail Matters/Anticipatory Bail
iii. Criminal Trials
iv. Fraud Matters
v. Financial Fraud Matters
vi. CBI Matters
vii. EOW Matters
viii. Sexual Offences (Rape, outraging the modesty of a woman etc.)
ix. Murders Cases
x. Criminal Appeal Cases
xi. Defamation (Criminal)
xii. Assault Cases
xiii. Kidnapping
xiv. Drug Crimes
xv. Plea Bargain
xvi. White Collared Crimes

Our best criminal lawyers in Delhi never hesitate to file FIR-quashing under section 482 CrPC before Delhi High Court.
When FIR quashed by the Hon’ble High Court.If court is satisfied that person is innocent and falsely implicated then FIR is quashed.There are two types of offences specified in the Indian Penal Code (IPC). These are compoundable and non-compoundable.In general practice we have noticed that non-compoundable cases can be compounded through.