Motor Accident Law refers to the legal rules that establish liability when there is personal or property damage in case of motor vehicle accidents. MACT deals with claims relating to compensation in respect of accident involving the death of, or bodily injury to, person arising out of the use of motor vehicles or damages to any property of a third party so arising or both. The Motor Vehicle Act came into existence with the aims to provide monetary compensation to the victim. Although no amount of money can bring a person back, the compensation so awarded acts provide a sense of justice to the victim.It has the authority to deal with claims made on account of the loss of life of a close one, personal injury, loss of property, etc. incurred due to the motor accident. A victim or the legal heirs of people who have died in an accident can approach the Tribunal for compensation.Our best MACT lawyers help in representing MACT cases for the victim in case of death and grave injury. Our main concern is to get justice or compensation.

Who can claim compensation?

According to section 166 of the Motor vehicle Act compensation can be claimed by:-

  1. the person who has sustained the injury; or
  2. the owner of the property; or
  3. where death has resulted from the accident, by all or any of the legal representatives of the deceased; or
  4. any agent duly authorised by the person injured or all or any of the legal representatives of the deceased who died in the accident.

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It is always advisable to reach the best MACT lawyer as the Motor Vehicle Act provides for a limitation period of 6 months to file a claim petition from the date of accident. Anyone can seek the assistance of our team of MACT lawyers for their claim before MACT. Our team ensures speedy remedies to the victims of accident by motor vehicles.