Who is NCLT?

The Central Government has constituted National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) as a quasi-judicial body under section 408 of the Companies Act, 2013 that deals with matters related to Companies. Several other matters under the Companies Act, including those related to partnerships, insolvency, limited liability, winding up, etc. are dealt with by the NCLT. NCLT have set up eleven Benches while New Delhi Bench is the Principal Bench.

How does Legalmax work in NCLT?

Legalmax law firm is one of the specialized law firms having pool of experienced lawyers under IBC & Company Act. Our law firm has substantial experience in handling insolvency and company matters before various NCLT in India. Our law firm have specialized lawyers to handle NCLT matters for operation Creditors, Financial Creditor, RP, IRP, Liquidation etc. Our NCLT lawyers are experts in consultancy in Insolvency and Bankruptcy.We provide legal assistance to the secured and unsecured creditors on various aspects relating to claims against companies and fraud builders in Insolvency and Bankruptcy. Our NCLT experienced lawyers are working in courts, tribunals and handling cases on behalf of liquidators. Our team of expert lawyers guides on corporate debts, insolvency crisis and other strategy for insolvency resolution.

Our team of professional lawyers aims to understand the needs better. We ensure justice to our clients persistently through best legal resources.  Our motive is conquering the client’s satisfaction. Our NCLT lawyers have distinguished experience in the IBC and company’s law. We put forward our best team of NCLT lawyers to provide our valued client with the best legal solution in company’s matter at NCLT and NCLAT.

Our law firm has expertise to tackle the wide range of issues and concerns related to Company’s Act and IBC. Our firm is known for its brilliant approach and solution oriented approach in the area of NCLT matters.  Our lawyers actively deal the Insolvency practice before NCLT. Our highly qualified and experienced lawyers have specialized knowledge in Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code. We worked together with our clients whether debtor in default or creditor to identify and device the best legal solution. Our team has exceptional competences to articulate strategies which can help the clients in the process of bankruptcy or liquidation under IBC.

Our NCLT lawyers negotiate with the creditors for settlement and also make several other arrangements with creditors and its members. We are experts in Insolvency filing requirements; Formal insolvency/ liquidation / bankruptcy proceedings before the court (NCLT/DRT) through Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016.