Legalmax Law Firm provides legal services regarding Brand-protection. A trade-mark is a kind of intellectual property consisting of a recognizable sign, design or expression which is related to product or services of a particular source from those of others. However, trade-marks used to identify services these types of trade-marks called service-mark. A trade-mark is very essential in branding the products. It protects owners of the brand from duplicity or privacy.

Our best trade-mark lawyer provides complete legal services right from applying for trade-mark till the registration of trade-mark. Our trade-mark lawyers are competent to represent the trade-mark related cases before Registrar-of trade-mark or Hon’ble High Court or Hon’ble Supreme Court.

Our law-firm is not only in filing trade-mark application but we are more into application but we are more into litigation part of it. Our trade-mark lawyer does proper legal research in case related to trade-mark litigation.

We can find a lot of lawyers or trade-mark agents who can file trade-mark applications but they are not competent to take up the litigation. If any brand or trade-mark comes into the objection and not able to meet the objection then the said application comes under litigation.

Our best litigation trade-mark lawyer is capable to meet the litigation part of the trade-mark.