Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is most difficult and emotional decision taken by any individual. Going through a trauma of divorce is never an easy task in a complex disputes or when husband and wife cannot reach an agreement, separation may be necessary. Finding best divorce lawyer is always a daunting task but if you apply yourself and work towards right direction, you definitely able to find best lawyer for your case.

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Divorce proceeding is a complex method of dispute resolution. It includes submitting issues to a court in order to settle them. Family will prefer divorce if they cannot reach an agreement through mediation methods.

We communicate with client:

Effective, clear and punctual communication with client is very crucial. We never hesitate to articulate truth before a client. Our best law firm in Delhi is based on ability to listen our client problem and give them best legal advice.

Support and resource lawyer:

Being the top divorce lawyer of Delhi, we have a very good professional support staff, junior lawyer who can help you in cases of emergency. We have great resource which can prepare your cases within shortest possible time.

Record of accomplishment:

Being a specialist divorce law firm, we have an excellent track. You can find out more about previous pending cases or dispose off matter that will prove that we have handled the cases with lot of responsibilities and dedication.

Mastery of divorce law:

Our devoted legal practitioner who are the known top DV lawyer of Delhi are very experienced and having mastery over the subject matter. Therefore, they can provide best output for our clients. Our client get skillful and experienced divorce lawyer for their divorce proceeding which help them to win their cases.


A good law firm or good family lawyer must be available to their client, particularly in the key point of your suit. Whenever you get any question, our advocates address it immediately or with reasonable time period.

Reasonable fee structure:

Our law firm charge genuinely for legal services which we render. We offer services at very reasonable prices, depending upon the magnitude of the case. We never take advantage of client’s situation and therefore, we never over charge our client.


In India people files two types of divorce cases. One with mutual consent and other is without mutual consent. Based on this we can divide divorce proceeding in two types:-

1. Contested divorce
2. Mutual divorce